5 Male Cartoon Characters You Didn't Know Were Voiced By Women

When it comes to those who provide voice-over narration, men have always outnumbered women.

Despite the gender gap in the voice-over industry, there are women who have broken the glass ceiling. 

Find out how women's voices are being heard by discovering the male cartoon characters you didn't know were voiced by women in the gallery above.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images, Facebook


Kath Soucie | Actress Kath Soucie is best known for the voices of Phil and Lil DeVille. Her roles include Dexter's Mom in "Dexter's Laboratory" and Fifi La Fume in "Tiny Toon Adventures." Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images, Facebook

Tara Strong | Candian-American actress Tara Strong is the voice of Timmy Turner from "The Fairly Odd Parents." Photo Credit: Angela Weiss via Getty Images, Facebook

Nancy Catwright | Nancy Catwright is a voice actress, film, television actress and comedienne known for her role as Bart Simpson on the series "The Simpsons." Photo Credit: Justin Baker via Getty Images, Facebook

Debi Derryberry | Voice actress Debi Derryberry is the voice of Jimmy Neutron. She has also voiced Wednesday in "The Addams Family" cartoon and Jackie in "Bobby's World." Photo Credit: Michael Bezjian via Getty Images, Facebook

Elizabeth Daily | Elizabeth Daily is a voice actress and musican best known for voicing "Rugrats" Tommy Pickles. She voiced Buttercup in "The Powerpuff Girls" and Rudy Tabootie in "Chalk Zone." Photo Credit: David Livingston via Getty Images, Facebook