Margaret Cho Expresses Her Thoughts On Robin Williams

Both Margaret Cho and Robin Williams were bound by the comedy and the city of San Francisco.

She first met the late comedian at a bookstore run by her family. He was always around during the early stages of her comedy career. Not only was he a huge influence on her as a performer, but he influenced many others.

"All of us looked at him, in a way, as a father figure."

Below are more words Cho shared after Williams' passing:

"He was just very supportive. He was very shy, and possibly a little embarrassed by his fame. Inside, he really was a comic. Naturally, all comics just wanna hang around other comics, so he would come to these little clubs and open mics, and you'd get bumped, and he would go on and you'd have to follow him, which was always really terrifying because he's so great, and people were so excited to just be in his presence. Also, we were all excited to be around him. He's the kind of guy, I remember, he would help out comics who needed money. When I was a teenager, my first boyfriend needed money to live, and he loved this guy's comedy, so he would give people money to survive. It's a beautiful thing. He was a great guy. In his presence, you realized that show business was a real, tangible world, because he moved so fluently between them both. When you saw him around, he was a direct link to someone who was actually making it and out there."

Read Margaret Cho's entire statement and other thoughts on Robin Williams here. 

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