Mark Ruffalo: "I'm a Feminist"

AOL's BUILD series hosted a discussion Monday with actor Mark Ruffalo at AOL headquarters in New York. 

Ruffalo was joined by Maya Forbes in a presentation about his film, "Infinitely Polar Bear," that chronicles the journey of a father affected by bipolar disorder. During his discussion, Ruffalo also addressed the topic of women in film, and feminism.

"I'm a feminist, by the way," Ruffalo said, adding that he recently sparked some controversy on the Internet with his feminism. And while he was baffled to find a Tumblr post ignite a mini-firestorm, he was more shocked to learn that there were anti-feminists out there.

"People who aren't feminists? I didn't know there were any left in the world. I thought we pretty much came to the 50/50, 'that was cool' conclusion," he said.

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