Martha Stewart: Unplugged

Today at The MAKERS Conference, Martha Stewart unplugged and spoke with emcee Kara Swisher about why she needs to take a break from her favorite tech pit stops. 

An early adopter of Twitter, Martha Stewart has almost three million followers. As she says, "I do my own tweets. If Martha makes a typo, they think I'm drunk. I found that I have to tweet on my Blackberry and an iPhone."

Stewart showed us all of the wires in her purse, which "is getting so heavy, it is even more ridiculous." She discussed her company as a company that has "created something that has helped people in their lifestyle in the way they live day in and day out and makes people aware that there is a kind of balance that does exist [for] a woman who wants to work and raise a family and have a husband or a mate." 

She admitted that achieving balance is hard work, but encouraged us all to keep up our energy, saying, "It works if you really persist." While talking about partnerships between men and women and discussing how men can support the women around them, Stewart said, "I hate that name 'house husband' ... But I'd like one if there's one around."

When asked about retirement, Stewart declared, "I would never ask anyone if they are going to retire, ever! Women should be able to work as long as they want to work. I wouldn’t know what to do tomorrow if I retired. Too much to do!" 

The video from this session is coming soon to!