Marvel's First Queer Latina Superhero, America Chavez, Channels Beyoncé On Cover

After appearing in "Young Avengers," "Ultimates," and "A-Force" in the past, Marvel's America Chavez has finally gotten a book of her own, officially becoming the "first gay Latina superhero," according to Refinery29.

Author Gabby Rivera of "Juliet Takes a Breath" and now the "America" comic series hopes to pull Chavez out of her former role of solely helping others to answer her internal questions, "What's in it for me? Why am I fighting with these people?," while taking college classes named Women in Power and Tribal Ancestry and You 101 to find herself.

As a queer woman herself, Rivera hopes to represent all women in the books. "I love women. I love myself," she told Refinery29, "To me, womanhood is so flexible and so ever-expanding... Our bodies' shapes and sizes vary, and are equally supported by the community and equally loved."

Check out the cover of America Chavez channeling her inner Beyoncé on the cover of book two:

Watch and learn a little more about America Chavez in the video player below:

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Photo Credit: Marvel/Instagram