Here's All You Need to Know About Mary J. Blige's Interview with Hillary Clinton for "The 411"

In an emotional first episode of Mary J. Blige's new Apple Music show "The 411," Blige sat down with MAKER Hillary Clinton to discuss "faith, family, and the pressures of the spotlight" — all things Blige can personally relate to.

Featuring a mix of both light topics like family and heavy topics like police brutality, Blige and Clinton successfully created an episode that represented a "movement of women," having each been pioneers for females in their own way.

Read through the highlights below:

On public perception
"When you're in the public eye, whether that's in entertainment or politics, you do have the challenge of presenting yourself and having people perceive you as who you think you are."

On faith
"I feel fortunate to be a person of faith... I find that falling back on my faith, relying on my faith, looking for those moments of grace, is what can get me out of bed in the morning and keep me going no matter what's going on around me."

On her mother
"My mother's resilience, her grit, her intellectual curiosity, her strong will, was everything to me. She gave me the words that I live by in so many different circumstances."

On being a mother/grandmother
"It's very life-affirming and it's also a reminder about how important it is that we stay focused on the future."

On being both a tough and likeable woman
"To be honest, I think it's really hard... I think it's rooted in the tens of thousands of years of how people's lives have been defined... And so for women to be assuming leading roles in business, or entertainment, or politics, or whatever it might be, it still is not fully understood because there's no blueprint for doing it... But one of the reasons I'm so proud of running for President is because I want to break that highest and hardest glass ceiling... I want every little girl and every little boy to feel like there are no barriers in America."

On the American Dream
"The American Dream is big enough for everybody, let's keep growing it."

On strength
"It's important to stay grounded in who you are and what's important because the public eye has a way of magnifying things that aren't important and dismissing things that are... Take criticism seriously, maybe you can learn something from it, but don't take it personally."

On voting
"I hope you will find a reason to vote... because if you don't vote, you leave the field to people who don't agree with you on anything."

On gun violence
"I have been so heartbroken over what's been going on... I think we've got to be honest that there needs to be a greater opening of our hearts to one another... So I have pledged that I am going to do everything I can to bring our country together, to take on this violence, to work with our police, to change mindsets, to really address implicit bias."

On "Hamilton"
"I love... I've seen it four times... It's just a work of genius, so it's obsessing me right now."

On her heroes
Her mother and Nelson Mandela.

On what she's binge-watching
"House of Cards."

On her legacy
"I hope that it will start with being elected, breaking that highest, hardest glass ceiling and then I will be seen as someone who kept my word, that I can be counted on to bring people together, to set some big goals."

Watch the full video below.

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