Meet the Elite Women Covering Election 2016

CNN's top political team of women have come together in a special campaign, "Girls On the Bus," where they discuss what it's been like to cover this year's election.

The elite team includes political reporters Dana Bash, Gloria Borger, Ashley Killough, Sara Murray, Maeve Reston, S.E. Cupp, and more who share their experiences on the campaign trail — both good and bad.

Some of the hard-hitting stories feature Dana Bash covering gender issues in the 2016 race; Brianna Keilar overcoming loss in the middle of a historic campaign; and Sara Murray on the trail in Trump's America.

CNN created the "Girls on the Bus" campaign based off of the book that introduced the tenacious journalists (mostly male) covering the 1972 election, "The Boys on the Bus."

Explore CNN's "Girls on the Bus" by clicking here.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images