Meet Ginger Miller: Founder and CEO of Women Veterans Interactive

Now more than ever, it's crucial to shed light on those doing civil services in often overlooked spheres.

This Veterans Day, we introduce Ginger Miller, the founder and CEO of Women Veterans Interactive, a nonprofit dedicated to serving women Veterans that partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Miller is a native New Yorker and former homeless service disabled veteran. Inspired by her husband's PTSD, and homelessness within her family, she created non-profit, John 14:2, Incorporated, to address issues surrounding veteran homelessness.

Soon after, she founded Women Veterans Interactive "to support other women Veterans who, like me, may have been uninformed, unequipped, and dealing with issues after leaving the military," Miller said in an interview with the State of Women Veterans blog.

For her notable work, Miller was honored with the White House Champion of Change Award for Women Veterans in March 2013.

"Women Veterans bring versatility to their communities as outstanding leaders at every level; we are team players, hard workers, critical thinkers, visionaries and fast learners who have the capabilities to quickly and easily adapt to any environment," Miller continued.

To learn more about Millers services, check out the full Q&A conducted by the Veterans Affairs' State of Women Veterans blog.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Ginger Miller