Meet Willow: The First Hands-Free, Wearable Breast Pump

Silicon Valley is known for designing tech innovations that help make daily life a little easier

In that category comes the first smart, hands-free, wearable breast pump called Willow.

With no external tubes or noise, the pump works subtly inside a bra so it is least disruptive.

Inspired by his own family, founder and CTO John Chang "hopes his product enables more women to breastfeed, because the pumps are discreet, simple to use and quiet," CNNMoney reports.

In the product's trials, mothers were spotting sported the pumps on public transportation as well as during office conference calls, according to the article.

Because of the quiet operation and convenience, the product is sure to help working women breastfeed more. The CDC reports that although children should breastfeed until they're at least 12 months, only 50 percent of them still do at six months.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images