Melinda Gates Is On a Mission to Bring More Women Into the Tech Industry

After decades in the technology industry, MAKER Melinda Gates, Co-Chair and Trustee of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has decided to go after an individual goal, sans husband (and Warren Buffett).

This mission, one she thought about while working with women and girls in developing countries, will help encourage females to get involved in tech. While abroad she thought, "How far has the U.S. really come...?"

And Gates is determined to change the representation of women in the United States, particularly in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields.

In her interview with Backchannel, Gates said that "Every company needs technology, and yet we're graduating fewer women technologists. That is not good for society. We have to change it," pointing out that since the eighties, women in computer science have actually decreased in number.

"There are all these hidden inequities, these biases, that men and women have... about women working, what women should do." Gates concluded. "But if we don’t look at those root inequities and we don’t talk about them and make them transparent, we won’t move forward as a society."

So, with the creation of her personal office, Gates is determined to make these things transparent, for women and girls to move forward in society and real progress to be made.

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Photo Credit: Craig Barritt/Getty Images for The Moth