Olympic Gold Medalist Meryl Davis Talks About Her Ice Dancing Career, Female Role Models, and More

Olympic gold medalist Meryl Davis appeared on AOL's Build series in August at AOL headquarters in New York.

With her gold medal in hand, Davis talked about her Olympic gold medal win, her "Dancing with the Stars" victory, and what's next for her in her career. 

During her discussion, the well-known ice dancer talked about who her female role models are in skating and beyond.

"In skating, one my greatest role models is Kristi Yamaguchi," Davis said. "She just embodies everything I strive to be on the ice and off. She's just one of the most genuine people I've ever met."

Off the ice, Davis names her mother as one of her greatest role models.

"When you have just the utmost respect for someone in every way, I think it inspires you to embody the same thing. I am lucky to have that in my mom."

Watch the full conversation above to learn more.

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Photo Credit: Cindy Ord/Getty Images