Michelle Obama Dismisses Rumors Around Her Run for Office

Former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama just dismissed all rumors suggesting she might run for public office, Women in the World reports.

In her first public speech since the new administration moved into the White House, Obama admitted that public service still remains "in her blood" but, she continued, "politics is tough, and it's hard on a family. I wouldn't' ask my children to do this again because, when you run for higher office, it's not just you, it's your whole family."

However, Obama's former initiatives are still important to her.

Pursing her Let Girls Learn initiative while First Lady, Obama took a moment to address girls and education speaking at the American Institute of Architecture in Orlando:

"The plight of women and girls is real," she said. "The struggles are real."

Watch this clip of Obama at the American Institute of Architecture in Orlando:

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Photo Credit: Getty Images