14 Times We Thanked God for Mindy Kaling (and Hulu) During the Season Premiere of "The Mindy Project"

By Kelsey Manning

You almost certainly woke up basking in the afterglow of a fantastic season premiere of "The Mindy Project."

So I know that it’s tough to think back to that dark day, May 6, 2015, when we learned that FOX had done the unthinkable and canceled perhaps the most joyful comedy on television.

Thankfully, it was mere days before Hulu took the opportunity to swoop in and save the day, promising a fourth and fifth season of Mindy Lahiri, Danny Castellano, and hopefully, Danny's mother. I, like any sane person, rushed home from work yesterday to tune in for Kaling's Hulu debut, and was not disappointed. Here are just a few of the moments in which I said a little prayer for the greatness of Kaling, and the good sense of Hulu.

1. When she rocked the hell out of those cherry pajamas in the opening scene
Outside of maybe Jess from "New Girl," I'm not sure anyone has ever looked so damn good in whimsical pajamas.

2. When she assessed Danny's home decor
"And for what? This stupid apartment that looks like it was decorated by Teddy Roosevelt. And don’t get me started on this ugly piano. Takes up so much space. Meanwhile my beloved 'South Park"'pinball machine rots in storage." Because Mindy Kaling and her writing staff are gods, the "South Park" pinball machine actually made an appearance later in the episode.

3. When Matt (Joseph Gordon Levitt) showed up in her bed
"Are you a hot home invader please don’t kill me!" Even in crisis, Mindy Lahiri can recognize male beauty.

4. When the line "ExSQUEEZE ME?" made not one, but two appearances
Like mother like daughter.

5. When Mindy was asked if she was hungry
"Yes, always." You really need to hear Kaling's tone to understand the full hilarity of this line.

6. When Mindy realized she was in a strange situation
"It's like '13 Going on 30' except I’m the same age … 26." Again, Mindy Lahiri never forgets her priorities in crisis, even when mixed up a strange alternate universe situation.

7. When Mindy wrestled with her inner dialogue
As Mindy is trying to figure out what the hell is going on, she thinks, Just calm down and ask him normal questions. "Hey honey, can I see your birth certificate?" Kaling's timing is, as always, perfection.

8. When Mindy reacted to her own meet-cute
Flashback Mindy Lahiri: "Oh, do you have a lot of girl troubles?"

Flashback Hot Matt: "I'm about to."

Present-day Hot Matt: "And then we had sex in the bathroom."

Present-day Mindy Lahiri: "That's the most romantic story I've ever heard in my life."

9. When Mindy took a moment to appreciate what God gave her
"Even though I'm rich, I'm still slummin' it with these nobodies. How noble. So in this reality, I have the same job, the same giant cans, but I'm married to Matt." Mindy Lahiri’s borderline aggressive body positivity is perhaps my all-time favorite thing about her character.

10. When Mindy shared her thoughts on Catholic Church proceedings
"I go to church with you every week, it's boring as hell, you have to wait in that line for one stupid chip." She's not wrong.

11. When Danny nailed Mindy's taste in men
"This is Mindy we’re talking about, is there a binder of white NBA players?"

12. When Mindy proclaimed her relationship status with food
"People only use 'open relationship' as a joke on Facebook, like 'I'm in an open relationship with chili fries.'"

13. When Mindy imitated Danny
This was, without a doubt, my single favorite moment of the entire episode. I laughed for many minutes to the point that people in neighboring apartments grew concerned. "You're not supposed to agree with every stupid thing I say. Danny would've been like, 'Stop being a pervert, take a walk around the block, cool your loins.'"

14. When Mindy was — as always — unabashed about her taste in film
"It was like 'It's A Wonderful Life' but it was in color and it wasn't boring."

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Photo Credit: "The Mindy Project"/Facebook