The Costume Designer From "The Mindy Project" Tells You How to 'Look Like a Boss' This Summer

By Meredith Lepore

There are a lot of well dressed professional women on television. From Alicia Florrick on "The Good Wife" (though we just had to say goodbye to her) to Olivia Pope on "Scandal" to Cat Grant on "Supergirl." But one that has always stood out is Dr. Mindy Lahiri of "The Mindy Project." Never before has the workplace been so invaded by patterns, bright colors and just overwhelming awesomeness. Who says you have to wear all black just because you are working? Not Mindy for sure. And though there is usually a great woman behind every great man, in this case it is a man who is behind Mindy and his name is Salvador Perez.

Perez oversees and sometimes custom creates the iconic looks for Mindy Lahiri and the gang. He also designs for Mindy Kaling herself, serves as the President of the Costume Designers Guild, and earlier this year launched a collection of Mindy-inspired coats in collaboration with Gilt. A few of the styles sold out within minutes as everyone wants a little piece of Mindy.

Perez told Levo earlier this year, "It's not really about the brands, but the pieces I buy from them. It's all about color, prints, and fit." His favorite brands to pull from include Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Lela Rose, Gucci, and Issa.

Watching Mindy's style has been especially exciting this season as the jovial doctor has gone through some major changes both personally and professionally. She had a baby and then separated from her partner and co-worker Danny Castellano. As a result her style has evolved. "It's more of the bold colors and mixed prints we all love, but a little sexier as being a mom has brought a whole new level of confidence to Mindy," Perez told Levo.

As for how you can dress both stylishly and professionally during these hot summer months, Perez had a few tips. "When it's hot and sticky it's hard to dress for work and still look professional, a short sleeve cotton blouse is better then a tank top, it’s cooler and you can still look like a boss, make a wardrobe of staples that you can mix and match to double your wardrobe. If you add some light weight pieces to your wardrobe you can always layer them in the cooler months," he said. "Working in summer months means you need lighter layers, cotton or natural fibers breathe better and are easier to wear, if don't want to wear skirts and you can’t wear shorts to work, try some cute but professional capri pants with a short sleeve cotton blazer and a t-shirt, you will still look put together and will be so much cooler then the men in suits and ties!"

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Photo Credit: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Hulu