Miranda July Produces Stunning Indie Film with Female-Led Cast and Crew

Premiering at the Los Angeles Film Festival until June 9, Amber Sealey's film "No Light and No Land Anywhere," executive produced by Miranda July, portrays the powerful journey of a woman named Lexie — a character both played and widely influenced by British actress Gemma Brockis — from London to Los Angeles.

The film's editing and post production wrapped with the help of $43,128 raised from supporters of their Indiegogo campaign, and this heartrending film proved a success. While nearly 87 percent of the film's cast and crew are female, July notes that this was not the easiest decision. In fact, July told i-D that, "Sometimes [Sealey] was really torn because... often a woman is not the most experienced person you can hire because no one's hiring her. It's this Catch-22. But you take a risk, people need to take risks."

And, in the end, it was a risk worth taking.

Get to know July by watching her exclusive MAKERS story in the video above.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Jerod Harris