Beloved "Miss Norma" Dies From Cancer After Year-Long Road Trip Goes Viral

"I'm 90 years old, I'm hitting the road," Norma Bauerschmidt told the doctor after being diagnosed with stage-4 uterine cancer a little more than a year ago.

Shortly after her husband passed away and seeing as though she was not interested in undergoing treatment, nor going into assisted living, there was only one option. So, she, her son Tim, and his wife Ramie left Michigan in a motor-home.

And, according to the "Driving Miss Norma" Facebook page they created, the look on the doctor's face after Norma told him her plan was "RIGHT ON."

So Tim and Ramie left their resident state with Norma to go on the journey of a lifetime destined for wherever she wanted to go. The traveling trio's story went viral, and was followed by nearly half a million Facebook users.

"Miss Norma has experienced more 'firsts' than we can count. Big things, like riding in a hot air balloon or on a horse, to little things like getting a pedicure or having her first taste of key lime pie, oysters and fried green tomatoes," the page reads. "Over these past 12 months, all of us have learned so much about living, caring, loving and embracing the present moment. No matter where we are, when asked where her favorite spot has been on this trip, Norma now says, 'Right here!'"

Sadly, after over a year on the road, Norma passed inside their motor-home on Saturday, September 30. Her legacy, much like her roadtrip, reached much further than any single family or state — warranting 105 thousand reactions and 34 thousand comments.

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Photo Credit: Driving Miss Norma Facebook