Misty Copeland's Incredible Calves Strike Again

Misty Copeland's Incredible Calves Strike Again


Aug 25, 2015

By Madeline Buxton

Get ready for some instant inspiration from the spellbinding ballerina in this must-watch video.

Anyone lucky enough to see ballerina Misty Copeland grace the stage will be instantly enchanted by the American Ballet Theatre principal dancer. It's impossible to watch her relevé and not want to sign up for a barre class stat. But now, you don’t need to travel to New York to check out her moves, because she’s back on screens thanks to Under Armour.

The activewear brand, which helped launch the dancer into the spotlight last August with the inspirational "I Will What I Want" campaign, has put her front and center once again in a new series of short films debuting this fall with the tagline "Rule Yourself."

Where "I Will What I Want" focused on exceeding your athletic potential and overcoming the odds, "Rule Yourself" is all about pushing your body to the limits and acknowledging the self-discipline required to reach your goals. And that’s something we bet Copeland knows a thing or two about.

The video below kicks off the campaign and showcases the dancer, along with NBA MVP Stephen Curry and world golf champion Jordan Spieth, carrying out stunning feats of strength and coordination.

And that means the beautiful ballerina, is once again showing off her killer abs, arms and calves! Still want more? Copeland is also making her Broadway debut, performing in "On The Town" for the next two weeks. It's Misty's world and we’re just living in it.

Listen to Misty Copeland talk about the importance of strength in the video above and watch her full MAKERS story here.

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