Mo'Ne Davis Shares 3 Truths On Sports, Life, and More

At 13, Mo'Ne Davis gained huge attention when she pitched the first shutout in Little League Baseball history. One year later, and the young baseball star seems to still be on top of the world. She recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about what's next for her and more:

On the rise of women's sports
They have to start showing more women's sports on TV so that more girls will join.

On how she views her life
I always thought that my life was like a video game — that someone was way up in the sky and they were controlling me and everything I did. But it wasn't someone else in the sky. It was me.

On advice she would have given herself a year and a half ago
I would say, "Be aware," and just leave it at that. I wouldn't want to say what happens, because that can change everything. So I would just say be aware, and be ready, and be friendly.

Read the entire interview here.

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Photo Credit: Brian Garfinkel/Getty Images