Sixth Grader From Maine, Molly Neuner, Pens #IAmNotADistraction On Her Arm Revolting Against Dress Code

Sixth-grade student Molly Neuner from Portland, Maine, just spearheaded The King Middle School's biggest resistance against the school's sexist dress code.

During her class's snack time this past Monday, her teacher approached her about her outfit, forcing her and another female student to stand up. The teacher then went on to measure the length of Neuner's tank top straps and the girl's skirt, the Portland Press Herald reports.

"She made us feel really uncomfortable," Neuner told the Herald. "It was really uncomfortable and weird."

That's when the resistance went into action. After arriving home from school, she decided to protest the school's dress code that does not permit "short or tight-fitting skirts or shorts (no shorter than finger-tip length), thin-strapped, revealing tops (like tube tops, halter tops or low-cut tops) on girls and tank tops on boys."

Along with 20 other girls in her class, Neuner walked into school on Wednesday with "#IAmNotADistraction" printed on her arm. She wore a white tank top with spaghetti straps.

"It was so cool to see everyone doing it," Neuner said.

It wasn't long before Neuner's parents were called in to meet with Caitlin LeClair, the school's principle. While the school's current dress code is set to remain in place, there is said to be a review at the end of the school year where students can also have a say.

"It's so crazy. Is it 1960? What is going on? What does the strap have anything to do with her education?" Neuner's mom, Christina, told the Herald.

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