This Mom Blogger Wrote the Perfect Tribute to Mothers With "Seeing" Superpowers

In a blog post dedicated to recognizing her own "seeing" superpowers, mommy blogger Ellen Seidman of Love That Max, perfectly pays tribute to a mother's unmatched ability to notice things.

Seidman's piece, originally "a Mother's Day tribute to moms everywhere" reflects on the very reason why mothers rock.

Revealing her superpowers to the world, Seidman notes that she is, in fact, the one in the household who notices... well, everything.

Whether the family is running low on toothpaste, granola bars, or toilet paper, she's the one who realizes it and resupplies those necessities.

"The kids never give it a second thought," she writes, "It magically reappears in the holder on a regular basis, placed there by The Toilet Paper Fairy."

Read her inspiring post on her blog here.

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