Wall Street Boss Carla Harris Reveals the One Person Who Can Make Your Career

Wall Street Boss Carla Harris Reveals the One Person Who Can Make Your Career

By Paulina Cachero

Jun 7, 2018

How did Carla Harris, Vice Chairman at Morgan Stanley, boss in the business world, and part-time gospel singer totally crush Wall Street?

By being negatively motivated: "When you tell me I can't do something, I'm all over it," says Harris.

When her high school counselor told her not to apply to Ivy League schools, Harris did anyway and was accepted into all three.

When her peers at Harvard told her not to pursue mergers and acquisitions, Harris secured a job in investment banking at Morgan Stanley.

When her senior manager told her she wasn't "tough enough for the business," Harris rolled up her sleeves and went on to manage the largest initial public offering in history at the time, UPS.

"My first reaction was,'What is he smoking, are you kidding me? Of course I'm tough!'" Harris recalls. "I'm not sure if I had been a man that he would have made that comment."

There's no question that women know how to work hard. Just look at MAKERS women Sara Blakely and Sheila Lirio Marcelo who built billion-dollar brands.

But here's the reality— women also need to work smart because careers are often not simply defined by the hustle and heart a woman brings to her job. For real success, we also have to learn how to be our own biggest fan.

"There's only one person that has responsibility for your career," says career guru Harris. "That's you."

In the new MAKERS series, The Daily Hustle with Carla Harris, the Wall Street trailblazer delivers no-nonsense advice about how to own your power and leverage all that you have—your voice, your skill set, your network—to create the opportunities you really want in your career.

At a time when women are severely underrepresented in corporate leadership positions, only making up 20 percent of Fortune 500 boardrooms, Harris is here to lift you up with the lessons she learned on her way to the top. So who's ready to get in formation and follow her lead?

The Reason You're Not Getting Promoted

"Leverage your voice—if you don't ask, you don't get. There's only one person that has responsibility for your career— and that's you."

Mistakes are Opportunities

"Own your mistakes! Then own the narrative. You can really solidify the fact that you learned something and that it was worth making that mistake."

Nailing the Interview

"Your interviewer is buying your talent. Tell and sell your story using the words that the buyer will really buy into."

Is it Time for a New Job?

"Set an agenda of things you'd like to accomplish while in your position. Create questions for yourself that inform why you want to be at this job and at this company."

The Currency That Really Counts

"Hard work can only get you so far! Your ability to ascend is dependent on a co-worker's judgement of whether you're ready and whether you will be successful."

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