This Mother's Method of Getting Her Kids to Do Their Chores Is Absolutely Brilliant

Let's be honest — telling your children to do their chores and actually getting them to do them are two very different things. The first is far easier than the latter.

But one mother, whose excellent parenting technique is going viral, does not give her Internet-obsessed kids any other option but to do what they're asked. Unless, of course, they want to stay away from the cyber world all day — which they don't.

How on Earth does she do it though? If she's not home, she certainly can't guarantee that their bedrooms will get tidied or the laundry will be folded, right? Wrong.

This mother's clever trick will have you thinking 'why didn't I think of this sooner?' See below for the very reason this brilliant mother has a perfectly clean kitchen today.

clever motherhood

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Photo Credit: Aatrox94/Imgur