From Mumbai Dropout to MIT Scholar

Malvika Raj Joshi is a 17 year old from Mumbai who dropped out of a Class VII school, which is the equivalent of seventh grade in the United States.

According to The Huffington Post, her mother had a strong belief in breaking stereotypes on why "merit" weighed more than "marks." Thus, Joshi and her family members made the decision to "unschool" her.

Because of this decision, Joshi found it difficult to get into an elite school. Only one Indian college, the Chennai Mathematical Institute, would accept her.

Despite quitting school, she was active in international computer science competitions and thanks to her extraordinary talent in computer programming, she was offered a scholarship from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

MIT offered her the scholarship after she became a three-time medal winner (two silver and one bronze) at the International Olympiad of Informatics.

Joshi will head to the prestigious school to pursue a degree in her favorite subject, Computer Science.

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