Musicians Tegan and Sara Launch a New LGBTQ Foundation

Musicians and twin siblings Tegan and Sara have recently announced the launch of the Tegan and Sara Foundation, a new organization aimed at protecting and fighting for the rights of LGBTQ women and girls.

The Quin sisters initially started working on the foundation during their fall tour in support of their album. The Canadian duo spent that time reading fan letters, meeting activists, legislators, nonprofits, and specifically LGBTQ causes.

According to the Foundation's website, LGBTQ women have higher rates of obesity, gynecological cancer, depression, suicide, and tobacco/alcohol abuse. Discriminatory laws, provider bias, insurance exclusions and inadequate reproductive health coverage leave 29 percent of LGBTQ women struggling to pay for health insurance.

"LGBTQ women are experiencing disproportionately high levels of poverty, health issues and inequality," reads a letter posted to the Foundation's website. "LGBTQ women of color, especially transgender women, often experience these issues even more severely due to racism and transphobia. Today, given the state of politics in the United States, we must continue to unite and fight for our rights and against all forms of oppression.”

Read the entire Tegan and Sara Foundation letter here.

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Photo Credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni