Meet the 23 Year Old Mobilizing Muslim Girls Voices On the Internet

Women and young girls have garnered worldwide attention on the Internet when it comes to social activism and storytelling.

From hashtag movements to Instagram photos, social media has given women a platform for their voices and to be heard.

Founder of MuslimGirl — an online magazine aimed to cultivate Muslim women's voices and stories on the web— Amani Al-Khatatbeh knows a thing or two about creating a platform for these voices.

The 23-year-old recent graduate initially launched MuslimGirl as a blog, but after her corporate job in New York City reached a dead end, she dedicated her energy and time to bringing it to life beyond the blogosphere.

The website features columns like #MuslimGirlProbs and "Baddie of the Month." you mean my hijab? Read the full story at - link is in our bio!

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With a go-getter attitude and savvy social media skills, Al-Khatatbeh brought in a remarkable amount of support for MuslimGirl, including a crowdsourcing campaign that raised a total of $25,000. 

"I guess I'm an entrepreneur now," Al-Khatabeh told Women in World News.

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Amani is also a columnist for Forbes and a consultant for the Malala Fund.

When speaking about the impact MuslimGirl will have on changing the conversation about Islamic women, Al-Khatahbeh explained, "Our religion actually founded the concepts of gender equality that are recognized in feminism today, so it's only natural to be feminists."

Read the full story here.

To learn more about MuslimGirl, check out the website and follow the organization on Instagram and Twitter.

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