This Muslim Woman Just Turned Hate Tweets Into an Inspiring Deed

Australian academic, talk show host and prominent figure in the country's Muslim community Dr. Susan Carland is taking dutiful action against the incessant bullying she experiences daily on Twitter. 

Many of the tweets are rooted in hateful Islamphobia language, targeting Dr. Carland for what she believes to be her attitude as an "unapologetic Muslim woman."

"I regularly get tweets and Facebook messages from the brave freedom-fighters behind determinedly anonymous accounts telling me that, as a Muslim woman, I love oppression, murder, war, and sexism," Dr. Carland expressed in an op-ed she wrote for the Sydney Morning Herald. "I felt I should be actively generating good in the world for every ugly verbal bullet sent my way."

After trying a handful of ways to engage or respond tastefully to the cyberbullies, Dr. Carland came up with the ingenious idea to donate one Australian dollar to Unicef for every hateful tweet she received. 

She chose UNICEF in particular because of the organization's assistance to kids "who were in horrific situations that were the direct outcome of hate." Dr. Carland went on to say, "These children seemed like the natural recipient for the antidote to hate."

This isn't Dr. Carland's first call to online activism fame. In 2009, she was named one of the 500 most influential Muslims in the world.

Since her announcement of her pledge, Carland has received worldwide support and attention, including from UNICEF Australia.

Surprisingly enough, Dr. Carland says her announcement has not silenced all of the trolls, stating that some 'haters' just "can't help themselves."

For what it's worth, at the end of the day, the bullying now comes with a hefty yet meaningful price tag: the fight to ending injustice worldwide. Let the haters take that!

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