This New Word Allows You to Leave Your Gender Unknown

Would you rather leave your gender unknown or undeclared?

Well now you can – thanks to one of the dictionary's newest additions, the honorific Mx.

According to TIME, this is a reflection of the culture's current interest in rethinking gender.

TIME reports that according to lexicographer Jane Solomon, this honorific has one of those rare, very-clear etymologies: Dating back to at least the late 1970s, the M was taken from the first letters of those gendered honorifics, and the x was attached to suggest an unknown quantity or thing, like it might in algebra class.

"The need for a gender-neutral prefix seems to be very, very top of mind for people," Solomon said. "We're starting to see a real cultural shift in which people are talking more openly about gender. You have ongoing conversation about gender in the public eye."

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