Why This Female Pastor is Asking for People to Mail in Their Purity Rings

Why This Female Pastor is Asking for People to Mail in Their Purity Rings

By Taylor Cromwell

Nov 30, 2018

Lutheran pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber wants to become Lord of the Purity Rings.

The Denver-based pastor and author issued a mass call on Twitter for women and men to send in their purity rings so she can melt them down and mold them into a sculpture of a vagina.

"We are choosing to take something that was used to control our sexuality and we are using it to celebrate our sexuality. There are some wounds only art can heal," Bolz-Weber tells MAKERS.

The idea of turning what was once used as a pledge of abstinence into a sign of female power first manifested at the 2018 MAKERS Conference in February, when Bolz-Weber dedicated the project to feminist leader Gloria Steinem. "As a thank you gift from us all, I might melt down purity rings into the sculpture of a vagina and give it to you as a thank you."

Now the New York Times best-selling author is launching this call to action ahead of the release of her new book, Shameless: A Sexual Reformation, which looks at the church's historical "antiquated, sexist ideas about sex, gender and our bodies."

"Shaming messages about our bodies and our desires that are given to us in God's name are especially harmful," Bolz-Weber says. "So many women were caught up in to Evangelical purity culture—an attempt the church made to impose sexual abstinence onto young people so that they would be 'pleasing to God.'"

Through Dec. 17 people can send their purity rings to Denver-based Sweet Bird Studio run by artist Nancy Anderson in exchange for a "Certificate of Impurity" signed by Bolz-Weber. The certificate declares that recipients can "live a shameless, open and free life, with love for themselves and their body, knowing that they are already holy."Bolz-Weber will the reveal the final sculpture at the 2019 MAKERS Conference in February.

Bolz-Weber rose to internet fame in the viral video series "Have a Little Faith," produced by MAKERS, which has earned more than 54 million views around the world. With her unapologetic views on faith, family, and forgiveness, Bolz-Weber connects to her audience with messages that enforce that "faith is the thing that tells me that I am already enough," Bolz-Weber says. "Faith tells me that I am loved quite apart from anything I do or not do. Faith tells me that my worthiness is not in my busyness."

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