Navy SEALs Consider Opening Combat Jobs to Women

The commander of the Navy's special warfare units recommends the SEALs and combat crew jobs be open to women, but warns that women have a greater risk of injury.

According to PBS News Hour, the commander also says the service may be pressured to adjust or lower standards for the jobs.

Rear Adm. Brian Losey said in a five-page memo that "there is no insurmountable obstacles" to opening the commando jobs to women, but warned of "foreseeable impacts" to integrating them into ground combat units.

This memo comes as the U.S. military services are in their final weeks of discussion deciding whether or not to ban women from any front-line combat jobs.

PBS News Hour reports that the Army, Navy, and Air Force are expected to open all position to women.

In Losey's memo he says that allowing all qualified candidates to "test themselves" against the difficult standards required to become a special warfare officer is "ultimately the right thing to do and is clearly consistent with the struggle over centuries to fully represent our nation's values of fairness and equal opportunity." 

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Photo Credit: Luke Sharrett via Getty Images