New Barbie Dolls Are Inspiring Girls To Be the Best Versions of Themselves

Barbie has been making headlines recently with the ongoing creation of new dolls intended to show girls that they can be who they are and aspire to be anything.

Since studies continue to show the negative impact dolls and the "princess culture" have on our children, Barbie's initiatives, while much overdue, are great steps toward creating a brighter future for our youth.

Being a veterinarian or a doctor is no longer something girls dream about without seeing. Looking like the original skinny, blonde Barbie is no longer the only option.

Girls can now picture themselves as Presidents and CEOs, and accept their hair, skin, and size, while boys who see or play with those same dolls see girls in a different way.

Click through the gallery above to see some of the new Barbie dolls on the market that encourage everyone to be the best version of themselves and watch the heartwarming video clip below:

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Photo Credit: AP Photo/Mark Lennihan


President and Vice President Photo Credit: Mattel

Game Developer Photo Credit: Mattel

Eye Doctor Photo Credit: Mattel

Pediatrician Photo Credit: Mattel

Firefighter Photo Credit: Mattel

Chef Photo Credit: Mattel

Nurse and Veterinarian Photo Credit: Mattel

Fashionistas Photo Credit: Mattel

Film Director Photo Credit: Mattel

Teacher Photo Credit: Mattel

Pilot Photo Credit: Mattel

Share A Smile Becky Photo Credit: Blake Sell / Reuters