A New Car Designed "For Women" Leaves Drivers Unhappy

The car manufacturer SEAT and lifestyle magazine Cosmopolitan partnered together to create a new car for "women," which is receiving a lot of backlash.

The violet colored car has jewel rims, a handbag hook, purple interior, and even 'eyeliner headlights.'

SEAT said the headlights were created "to be emphasized" in the same way as eyeliner emphasizes the eye.

The vehicle's exclusive design and "delicate feminine touches" have caused an outrage on Twitter:

According to CNN, the manufacturer SEAT has responded to the backlash by clarifying that the car was created for the Cosmopolitan reader, and not necessarily the female gender as a whole.

Take a look at SEAT Mii by Cosmopolitan that was jointly unveiled at Cosmopolitan's FashFest event in London on Friday: 


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Photo Credit: Courtesy of CNN