New MAKER: Bethany Hamilton

Born into a family of surfers in Hawaii, Bethany Hamilton's love for surfing was immediately apparent. At the age of four she entered her first competition, which eventually lead tosponsorships at the young age of nine. For Hamilton, it seemed as if her dreams of becoming a professional surfer were coming true, and more quickly than she expected.


She experienced a tragic setback at age 13. Out surfing early one morning, Bethany was attacked by a shark, losing her left arm and a significant amount of blood. Hamilton was determined to continue to pursue her goals, despite the accident. Less than one month later, she was already back in the ocean. On the experience she has said that, while losing her arm was difficult, “losing surfing would have been more traumatic.” She has since realized her dream of becoming a professional surfer; proving that dedication, hard work and courage are powerful tools for overcoming adversity.


 Find out more about Bethany Hamilton by visiting her profile. Discover how she gains encouragement from her fans, and her mother and how she is trying to be a positive role model for young people everywhere.