New MAKERS: Faye Wattleton and Lauren Berger


It’s Tuesday, and that means two new MAKERS. This week, we present interviews from Faye Wattleton, former President of Planned Parenthood and Lauren Berger, social entrepreneur.


Faye Wattleton was the first African-American and the youngest President ever elected to Planned Parenthood. Born in St. Louis Missouri, Wattleton became interested in obstetrical care while studying at Ohio State University. In 1978 she became the youngest president of Planned Parenthood since its founding in 1942, leading the organization through often violent attacks on clinics, and legislative backlash. Find out more about her by visiting her profile. Discover why she feels it is important to speak about her illegal abortion, her pro-life mother, and learn about the issues surrounding unintended pregnancies.


Lauren Berger is a social entrepreneur and a founder of After completing 14 different internships during her 4-year undergraduate degree at Florida State University, she realized she was an expert on interning. Her website helps locate internships for college students, and provides helpful information for securing and exceling at their desired position. Find out more about Lauren, and discover her tips for leadership, her advice on business, and, why you should take the next step towards your goal.