This Salon Will Be NYC's First-Ever Female Only Beauty Parlor to Cater to Clients in Hijab

Scheduled to make its grand opening on Sunday, January 29, in Brooklyn, N.Y., Le'Jemalik Salon & Boutique will officially become "the city's first female-only beauty parlor catering to hijab-clad clients."

The idea for a salon dedicated to women only came from founder Huda Quhshi's inability to find somewhere to get her hair cut that would accommodate her as a woman who wears a hijab.

"Since it's forbidden in Islam for women to show their hair to men outside their family," the New York Post reported, "Getting a haircut can be a dreaded chore for some."

And after hearing many horrific stories of other Muslim women trying to get their hair done without success, licensed cosmetologist Quhshi decided it was time to create a safe space for "women of all faiths, races, and ethnicities."

"We want women to be able to come in and feel completely relaxed... We're always coming up with ways to accommodate women who want certain things but can’t get what they want because of their religion," Quhshi stated.

In order to do so, Le'Jemalik has a non-transparent revolving door that leads to a waiting space from which you cannot see the salon area.

Watch this clip from Pix 11 News for a sneak peek inside:

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Photo Credit: Facebook/LeJemalik