The New-York Historical Society to Open Center for Women's History Featuring Artifacts From Billie Jean King

The conversation about women's rights is more prevalent now than ever, and though stories of women in history have been increasingly uncovered and told, the United States is still without one important thing: a museum strictly on all of women's history.

But not for long. According to The New York Times, the New-York Historical Society will soon have a Center for Women's History.

Taking up the entire fourth floor of the Historical Society on Manhattan's Upper West Side neighborhood of New York, the center will feature "rotating exhibitions" that "will fill a crucial void by examining women’s history writ large."

The first of the many exhibitions will be one on "Saving Washington," highlighting the contributions of females from the beginning.

But, while the center will recognize historical female figures, it will also dedicate part of the space to more recent female figures who have grandiose accomplishments. MAKER Billie Jean King, for example, has "donated artifacts... including trophies, rackets and several tennis dresses."

"Guided by a committee of distinguished historians and informed by the latest research, the Center will combine permanent installations, temporary exhibitions, and a vibrant program of talks and debates to enrich the cultural landscape of New York City," the NY History site reads. "This landmark initiative will be the country’s first permanent, public exhibition and educational center dedicated to women’s history."

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Photo Credit: The New York Historical Society/Getty Images