The NFL's New Game Plan: Hire More Women On the Field

Women currently hold about 30 percent of the National Football League's front office positions, but the league plans to increase those stats on the field.

The NFL formally appointed Sam Rapoport, a longtime NFL employee and former women's professional football player, as its new director of football development.

Rapoport's new duty is to identify women throughout the country who are qualified to hold on-field positions in the NFL.

With her direction, the league is developing a program that will train female candidates in high school, college, and professional level to become coaches, officials, scouts and trainers — then connect them to the NFL's 32 teams.

"Right now, the overall goal is to create opportunities for females on the football side. It really is about putting women in a similar position that men have had previously to succeed and to advance," Rapoport told

"We know those women are out there, we know they’re qualified and we know they know football just as well as men do. The challenge previously has always been the connection to the NFL."

By creating the necessary opportunities and programs, Rapoport hopes to show every woman in America that the NFL is for them.

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