Nikki Misurelli's Then-Boyfriend Told Her She Couldn't Ride a Motorcycle Across the Globe, So She Showed Him She Could

When Nikki Misurelli asked her boyfriend if she could join him on his motorcycle trip from Alaska to Argentina, she was taken aback by his response.

She had been riding her "modest Honda CBR600RR" around Alaska ever since she got her license, so his sexist "it's too dangerous and intense" response was not something she would put up with. Unlike her then-boyfriend insisted, she would be able to handle it, and she did.

"So we broke up and I went by myself," Misurelli, 30, told the Independent, and the ex was history.

Riding from Alaska to Panama (12,000 miles) and later Italy, Spain, France, Gibraltar, Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, and Morocco (5,500 miles), Misurelli lives life spontaneously, working part-time jobs, sleeping wherever she can (hostel, tent, or sofa), all while carrying just a few things with her.

Read her full interview on the Independent.

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Photo Credit: MilosStankovic via Getty Images