There Are More Female Billionaires in the World Than Ever Before


Dec 16, 2015

There Are More Female Billionaires in the World Than Ever Before

Who run the world? Female billionaires, apparently.

According to a report titled, "The Changing Faces of Billionaires," published by UBS and PwC, there are a record-breaking 145 women billionaires in the world. 

While this number may seem relatively low, especially when stacked against the 1,202 male billionaires in the world, it represents a huge increase from two decades ago.

In 1995, there were reportedly 22 female billionaires globally.

The study reports that women have been more prosperous and influential when it comes to "family businesses, philanthropic enterprises, and governance," Fortune reports.

The study reported that a large majority of female billionaires from Europe and the U.S. inherited their wealth. More than 25 Asian female billionaires are said to be self-made — a huge jump from just three a decade ago.

Many of the Asian women on the list were benefactors of a Western education, and then later returned home where they built successful careers.

"After working in a factory for some years, I saved sufficient to study abroad and get a degree," cited one billionaire involved in the study.

Although the world's male billionaires still outnumber female billionaires by a hefty ratio, the exponential rate of women billionaires popping up around the globe is far more astronomical than the growth of male billionaires. 

Watch the video above to learn about the world's youngest female, self-made billionaire, Elizabeth Holmes. Check out her full MAKERS profile here.

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