Obama Names Megan Smith the White House’s New Chief Technology Officer

Obama Names Megan Smith the White House’s New Chief Technology Officer


Sep 4, 2014

In February, we spoke to Megan Smith about the importance of STEM and bringing more women into the innovation fields. Today, she has some exciting news: Megan will be America's next Chief Technology Officer.

In an article announcing the move, The Washington Post calls Megan "an engineer with a record of executing upon ambitious, even fantastical ideas." In the 80s, she was part of an MIT student team that designed and built a solar-powered car then raced it 2000 miles across the Australian outback. In the 90s, she was building the first smartphone. In 2003, she joined Google, rising to serve as VP of business development for nine years. Before accepting her position at the White House, Megan was Vice President at Google[x], a stealth project at Google that began with the development of the self-driving car and went on to build Project Glass.

Megan also started Women Techmakers, an organization that aims to raise awareness of innovative women leaders in technology. At the White House, she'll be America's third-ever Chief Technology Officer—Obama came up with the position as a presidential candidate. Presidential science advisor John Holdren wrote on the White House blog that Megan's primary responsibilities will be to "guide the Administration's information-technology policy and initiatives."

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