The Obamas Gift Shelter With Malia and Sasha's Childhood "Castle"

"Malia and Sasha's Castle," the wooden playground built on the south lawn of the White House during Barack Obama's presidency, was donated by the Obamas on Martin Luther King Day to The Jobs Have Priority Naylor Road Family Shelter (JHP).

Helping aid single black mothers with two to three young children, the JHP is an apartment complex that makes sure basic needs are addressed, and then focuses on providing education and employment opportunities for the once homeless.

During their visit, the Obamas played on the swings with the children, and helped paint the "Wall of Hope" mural designed by artist Omatayo Akinbolajo, featuring Dr. Martin Luther King. While painting, FLOTUS joked, "We are painting in silence. Does anyone have any good jokes? Age appropriate?" USA Today reported.

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Photo Credit: Reuters/ Mike Theiler