Watch This Record-Breaking 101-Year-Old Woman Scale Down a Building

Last year on her 100th birthday, Doris Long set a world record when she became the oldest person to abseil.

She took up abseiling when she was 85 and nothing's held her back from taking bold risks ever since. 

"I don't feel afraid and never have, I just have a placid nature.”

One year after her record setting moment, she decided to face another gutsy act. In Portsmouth, England, she descended from the 300-foot high Spinnaker Tower this past weekend, reports The Huffington Post. 

"It was very hard work, much harder than last year," she said. "It was so windy I swung about a bit but oh yes, I enjoyed it, I feel it's well worth it."

"Daring Doris," as she's come to be called, was inspired to break her own world record in order to help raise money for her local hospice, The Rowans Hospice

Watch her height-defying act below: 

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