Olympic Track and Field: Breaking Records, and the Wage Gap

It's easy to say that every athlete performing in the Olympics works hard — no matter who they are, or where they come from. But, just as the question remains in many industries around the world, viewers watching the iconic games should also inquire: Are male athletes paid more than female athletes in the Olympics?

Fortune decided to investigate, finding that though the wage gap does affect athletes based on their gender, gold medalist long jumper Brittney Reese along with other female track and field champions don't have to worry so much.

They reported that the sport offers equal payments to men and women for winning world championships and Olympic medals. According to the Association of Road Running Staticians, female runners received almost as much prize money as their male counterparts in 2015: $11.5 million to men's $12.5 million.

A huge reason for this is their dependency on shoe and apparel sponsorships, where many of these brands have recently skyrocketed in women's sales, according to interviews conducted by Business of Fashion.

Though many careers might not be as lucrative as one in track and field, CNN Money reported on some more industries where women make as much or more than men.

Top occupations where women earn the least relative to every dollar men in the same position make:
1. Computer programmer: 72 cents
2. Chef: 72 cents
3. Dentist: 72 cents
4. C-Suite: 72 cents
5. Psychologist: 73 cents
6. Pharmacist: 78 cents
7. CAD designer: 78 cents
8. Physician: 82 cents
9. Optician: 83 cents
10. Pilot: 84 cents

Top occupations where women earn more than every dollar their male peers make:
1. Social worker: $1.08
2. Merchandiser: $1.08
3. Research assistant: $1.07
4. Purchasing specialist: $1.06
5. Physician advisor: $1.02
6. Communications associate: $1.02
7. Social media: $1.02
8. Health educator: $1.01
9. Procurement: $1.01

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Photo Credit: Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images