One Mother's Campaign Encourages All to Bring Their Political Views to the Table

In 2012, Julie Winokur's 17-year-old son called her out for being "politically intolerant," The Washington Post reports.

Winokur realized she had to change her ways — to stop pointing fingers, and to listen to the ideas of those who may not call themselves liberal, like she does.

So, Winokur "set out on a cross-country journey to meet people of different ideologies to discuss divisive issues. Carting a square folding table and a navy tablecloth with patriotic stars."

This project came to be known as a "Bring It to The Table" campaign, consisting of a "short documentary, webisode series, online platform, and community engagement... aimed at bridging political divides and breaking down partisanship."

Everyone has a seat at Winokur's campaign table. Watch the "Bring It to The Table" documentary trailer in the video player below:

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Photo Credit: Twitter/Bring It 2 The Table