Photos That Perfectly Capture Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay's Friendship

With Taylor Swift's gang of girlfriends globetrotting the world together giving us serious #SquadGoals, it's hard to remember the merits of a friendship between just two BFFs.

Filmmaker Ava DuVernay and media mogul Oprah Winfrey have restored our faith in the origins of two best friends with their display of public support for one another, especially on their Instagram pages. 

Since joining forces to work on the wildly successful Oscar-nominated film "Selma," the two have been inseparable, sharing everything from magazine covers to hobbies like gardening. Their friendship not only demonstrates the true value of mentorship, but it also highlights the importance of women building meaningful relationships with other women.

Check out our roundup of our favorite Instagram moments featuring this dynamic duo.


@THR: When Oprah Winfrey was filming The Butler, her co-star David Oyelowo handed her a DVD of "Middle of Nowhere." He said, 'You have to watch my friend Ava's film,' "recalls Winfrey, 61. "I did and immediately Googled her. I remember I liked her glasses and her countenance. There was an energy about her that came right off the page. I knew immediately we were going to be friends." Since bonding at Winfrey's Montecito, Calif., home in May 2013 ("I created an entire Mother's Day event at my house just so I could talk to her," laughs Winfrey), Ava DuVernay has seen her relationship with the media mogul morph from awestruck fandom — "I was not myself around her for a year. I was weird and awkward," she says — to trusted partnership, as Winfrey took on the role of producer and co-star in their lauded best picture nominee SELMA. The two now are embarking on their next shared venture, a dramatic series for OWN, Queen Sugar, in which Winfrey also will star. "The series is about reinvention, self-discovery and calm in times of chaos — themes I was attracted to before Selma," says DuVernay. "Also, all the best people working in film today are now working in TV. McQueen, Fincher …" Chimes in Winfrey with a smile, "And DuVernay." #wow #love #respect

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"And present gratitude Insures the future’s good, And for the things I see I trust the things to be; That in the paths untrod, And the long days of God, My feet shall still be led, My heart be comforted. O living friends who love me! O dear ones gone above me! Careless of other fame, I leave to you my name. Hide it from idle praises, Save it from evil phrases: Deeper than written scroll The colors of the soul. Hail to the coming singers! Hail to the brave light-bringers! Forward I reach and share All that they sing and dare. The love of God and neighbor; An equal-handed labor; The richer life, where beauty Walks hand in hand with duty. Ring, bells in unreared steeples, The joy of unborn peoples! Sound, trumpets far off blown, Your triumph is my own!" My friend, you are loved. Happy, magnificent birthday to you. xo

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Photo Credit: Instagram, Michael Kovac via Getty Images