Oprah Says We Are 'Literally All The Same' in This Candid Moment

When MAKER Oprah speaks, the world listens. In a candid moment after her talk show she reminds us of one important perception about human nature.

"We really are more alike more than we are different. We really are all the same. We really are, literally, all the same," she said. "It is so simple."

What led her to such a provocative statement?

In 2007 Oprah hosted a show "Gay Around The World" featuring a former NBA player, an Indian prince and a Jamaican poet who each recounted their journey toward coming out about their sexual orientation.

But she noted the program was meant to delve much deeper.

"On the surface it looks like a story or a show about being gay around the world, but in truth the intention of the vibration that I'm trying to spread around the world is that we really are all the same and it's just in your head that we’re different."

View the entire moment here and see the videos below for transformative moments when Oprah's guests revealed their paths toward coming out about their sexual orientation and true gender.

Ellen DeGeneres | "If standing up for what I think is right means I'm an activist — I'm an activist."

Raven-Symoné | "I'm tired of being labeled."

Jazz Jennings | "I didn't understand why I had the body that I had."

Charice | "My soul is male."

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