New #OscarsSoWhite Video Calls On the Academy to Address Diversity Issue

By Mikki Halpin

Women and Hollywood, a group dedicated to promoting and showcasing diversity in media, has released a tongue-in-cheek video asking the academy to get its act together, in light of this year's (and every other year) #OscarsSoWhite problem.

"We created this video to remind people that ALL stories matter, says Melissa Silverstein, founder of Women and Hollywood. "When the stories of women and people of color are left out of the awards conversation the message is that we don’t count. This year no film directed by a woman is nominated. No woman is nominated for best director. No people of color are nominated in the acting categories. We expect better."

It's a spoof of Adele's "Hello," of course, and the lyrics are below.

Hello, Academy
We were wondering if after all these years you'd like to be
Just a little welcoming
You said time would make things better
But we ain't seen much changing

Hello, can't you see
Your #OscarsSoMale and it's reeking of misogyny
What do you call it when you heap
Recognition onto white folks for the black-centric movies

There's been no difference year to year
So here we go again

Hello we've been cast aside
For what seems like the thousandth time
You keep saying you're sorry, but we can see from your votes
The same names appearing in your envelopes

Hello, it's shameful Snubbing Tangerine in favor of cis mediocrity
Enough toxic masculinity
When Girlhood is a narrative we never get to see

It's no secret that yet again
You're still behind the times

So hello from the cast aside
It seems to be the thousandth time
We don't want your sorries or empty promises
To acknowledge achievements of the work you've dismissed

Hello #OscarsSoWhite
We'll give you yet another try
We still see that you can be far more than you are
To be honest, it really is quite a low bar — and it's time

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Photo Credit: Getty Images