Our Favorite 11-Year-Old Girl Football Player Sam Gordon Reporting Live from Super Bowl XLIX for MAKERS


Feb 1, 2015

Our Favorite 11-Year-Old Girl Football Player Sam Gordon Reporting Live from Super Bowl XLIX for MAKERS

It's Game Day! Sam Gordon Reports Live from Arizona

And the Patriots win! Sam Gordon reports from the stadium:

Sam's halftime report:

Get ready for Super Bowl XLIX with 11-year-old girl football phenom Sam Gordon. She'll be at the stadium and taking over MAKERS' Instagram (and Twitter, and Facebook). Look for #SuperBowlSam and #GirlsLoveFootball during the game!

Sam also talked to SB Nation about her favorite MAKERS story, and who she thinks will win the Super Bowl. Watch below for the full interview.

The Big Game is Tomorrow - Sam Gordon Rocks Training Camp and the Red Carpet!

The night before the Super Bowl, Sam got the chance to attend the NFL Honors Awards, an annual ceremony that salutes the best players and plays of the 2014 season. Sam rocked the red carpet, and got to meet the Greenbay Packers' Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn before scoring a prime seat for the ceremonies.

Sam Gordon spent the day at Larry Fitzgerald's Super ProCamp, warming up with passing and catching drills, and even playing catch with the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver himself! Check out Sam's photos from the field in the slideshow above, or keep up with our favorite football star by tracking her Instagram takeover.

2 Days Until the Big Game -- We Celebrate Early with #GirlsLoveFootball

Across the country, more and more girls are playing football. You've met Sam Gordon, but do you know Karlie Harman? She's a 14-year-old quarterback whose North Virginia league named her Player of the Year. She's also in Arizona, and she served as honorary captain alongside Sam Gordon at the flag football championships.

Along with Karlie, MAKERS looks at the courageous women who have made major milestones in football, proving that it's great to play like a girl.

Read the full article here, and check out Sam Gordon's Super Bowl updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with #SuperBowlSam #GirlsLoveFootball.

The Countdown Continues! 3 Days Until Super Bowl Sunday

Sam Gordon is reporting live from Arizona as they prepare for Super Bowl XLIX. Her latest adventure was to NFL Experience, where she got to "try on" full-sized football uniforms (they were a little big!) and eat a lot of skittles. She practiced her victory yell, and got a temporary tattoo of "XLIX" to mark the occasion.

All in all, the photographic evidence of the day shows that Sam Gordon is very at-home in the world of football. Stay tuned for more updates as Sam Gordon attends Larry Fitzgerald's training camp and then cheers at Sunday's big game.

4 Days Until Kick Off: Sam Gordon Attends Flag Football Championships

We're back on the ground in Phoenix with 11-year-old girl football player Sam Gordon. She got to attend the Flag Football Championships, serving as honorary captain for the girls 13-14 year old flag football championship team. 14-year-old Karlie Harman, quarterback and kicker on an all boys tackle football team, captained the competing team. Sam's team won in overtime, getting the day off to an exciting start. Before they left the field, Alex Flanagan from the NFL Network interviewed both girls on their love of football and their time in Phoenix.

Then Sam ran into 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who she's met a couple times before. They caught up on the latest and took a few photos together. Lucky enough, Sam was wearing her 49ers jersey.

Click through the slideshow above to see the rest of Sam's updates from Phoenix. It's four days until Super Bowl time. Thanks to Sam, we're keeping up with the action in Arizona.

Let the Countdown Begin - 5 Days to Go!

Tune-in for daily updates on what's happening in Phoenix as we lead up to the big day with our favorite 11-year-old girl football player Sam Gordon who will be reporting live from Super Bowl XLIX for MAKERS.

We're excited to announce that 11-year-old football phenom Sam Gordon is MAKERS' official correspondent for Super Bowl XLIX. After she spoke at The MAKERS Conference and hosted MAKERS' Ad Week panel with Gloria Steinem, we thought the Super Bowl seemed like a natural place for our next collaboration.

Sam caught the world's attention after her 2012 football highlight reel went viral. It showed her scoring touchdowns, tackling, and sprinting past the boys. Overall, redefining what it means to "play like a girl."After taking a tour of talk shows like Conan and attending the Super Bowl with Roger Goodell, Sam took a year off to focus on soccer. She made the Olympic Development Program but missed football so much she returned to youth tackle football this year.

Now, Sam is on the ground in Arizona along with her family and Sam Rapoport, director of USA Football. They're attending flag football championships, NFL Experience, and a youth football camp with Cardinals player Larry Fitzgerald. Plus you never know who Sam might run into while she's learning new skills on the field or cheering on some of her favorite players — on Monday, she met with Mike Golic from the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN, and watched a flag football game with Detroit Lions running back Joique Bell! Click through the gallery above for the latest images from Sam's adventure.

Every day, MAKERS will get you Sam Gordon's update from Arizona via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and right here on MAKERS.com. Follow with #SuperBowlSam!


I was rooting for the Patriots, and they didn't disappoint!
My view of Katy Perry's tropical halftime show.
The pre-game show.
My view of the stadium.
Enjoying pizza before the game.
About to go to the Super Bowl stadium with my brother!
In front of the University of Phoenix stadium, tickets in hand.
Never too old for a bouncy house!
Arriving in style at the NFL Honors Awards.
On the Red Carpet.
Excited for the ceremony.
Whether on the field or the red carpet, it's always good to see Colin Kaepernick! 
Just arrived at the Super ProCamp with Larry Fitzgerald.
Hanging with the boys at Larry Fitzgerald's Super ProCamp.
High fiving Larry Fitzgerald after throwing a pass to him.
Ready, set, go!
At home on the training field!
My own Madden.
Trying on some pro gear.
Should they call it The Skittles Experience?
Pretty sure this counts as conditioning.
Representing XLIX at the NFL Experience.
Practicing my victory yell.
More and more girls are playing tackle football.  I’m with Karlie Harman who is the quarterback for her team and was a finalist for the NFL’s Together We Make Football contest.
Catching up with my friend and favorite NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick!
I was the honorary team captain of the Cowboys’ flag football team.  These girls were awesome and won the championship in an exciting overtime win!
My halftime analysis of the game with NFL Network’s Alex Flanagan.
 With the girls flag football semi-finals winners and Detroit Lions running back Joique Bell.
With Mike Golic from the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN!
In front of the Flag Football Championships stadium.
At the Pro Bowl Stadium in Arizona.
With Sam Rapoport, director of USA Football.

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