Meet the Middle East's First All-Female Race-Car Driving Team

An all-female race-car driving team is challenging stereotypes for women in Palestine.

The all-female team is known as the "Speed Sisters" — a team of five fearless females who are turning heads in the male-dominated Palestinian street car-racing scene.

Their story is being told in a documentary called "Speed Sisters," by director Amber Fares, in which you follow the team "as they face the difficulties of life and racing in that embattled territory, going up against logistics and security challenges, male racers — and each other — to win the chance to compete in Jordan."

Noor Dauod, Marah Zahalka, Betty Saadeh, Mona Ali, and Maysoon Jayyusi have surprisingly been welcomed into the sport by male racers and the surrounding communities.

“[The male racers] really loved the idea, but I think they were shocked because you don't see female racers racing, especially against them," Dauod said. "But they're very supportive, very positive, very helpful, very, very nice. There’s no negative comments or anything."

However under Israeli occupation, their region faces threats of violence and restrictions that make it difficult for them to race

Fares says the documentary has had a real impact on the audiences who have seen it.

"People seem so moved and so excited and so inspired when they leave [the movie screenings]," Fares said. "And that's across the board from showing it in the Middle East, showing it in Palestine, showing it in Australia, showing it in Iceland. I mean, no matter where we’ve shown this film, people have the exact same reaction to it and are just really excited and inspired."

According to Women In The World, "Speed Sisters" is still being shown on the international film festival circuit.

Watch the "Speed Sisters" trailer below:

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Photo Credit: Speed Sisters Facebook