Get to Know Paradise Sorouri, Afghanistan's First Female Rapper

Paradise Sorouri became Afghanistan's first female rapper after being forced to flee her country twice, receiving numerous death threats, and being left to die after being beaten up by 10 men on the street.  

According to The Guardian, her "crime" is that she wears a baseball cap to cover her head instead of a hijab. Sorouri's lyrics speak up for women's rights as 87 percent of women in Afghanistan have endured physical or sexual violence.

The 27 year old defiantly raps about how women can get acid poured on their faces for resisting rape, be married off as children to older men, and belong to husbands who can set them on fire.

She and her fiancé Diverse make music together and are known as 143Band. Diverse shares with The Guardian what it's like to be part of a pop duo in such a dangerous place.

"Herat is a very religious city," Diverse said. "Sharia law forbids women to sing. The fact that we are not married was also a problem. Every time we'd try to go to a studio together, strangers would start following us."

As Sorouri popularity soared, so did the number of violent threats she received. Last year she and Diverse left Afghanistan in fear of their safety. They went to Germany and joined the more than one million migrants from the Middle East.

"It doesn't matter if you are a singer, an artist, or a teacher," Sorouri said. "If you are a woman in Afghanistan, you are a problem. I am speaking out and fighting for women who don’t have a voice."

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