This Says It All: Introducing, the "Period Game"

A board game is the latest creative stride toward de-stigmatizing periods.

"The Period Game," is a period-themed game created by Daniela Gilsanz and Ryan Murphy that sets out to teach kids and adults alike about the menstrual cycle – all encompassed in a lighthearted way that takes the stigma of shame out of periods.

"Our ultimate hope is that people can learn in a way that is equal parts fun and informative," Gilsanz tells Bustle, "And that they feel comfortable to ask any questions they may have."

Centered with a large, abstracted structure of a uterus, the game unfolds with "Protection," "Preparation," and "Specialty" cards. It also provides instructional packets that teach players about the female reproductive system including biology, PMS, and menstrual products like pads, tampons, and menstrual cups.

Intended for children ages 9 to 11, the hope is that the game encourages more comfort in the language used around periods.

"We hope that girls and boys get a fun learning environment where they are comfortable asking questions," Gilsanz said. "The way the game is set up, it’s very easy to ask a question about the game where the answer relates back to your body, so you are learning two things at once: how to play and what is happening in the body. Also, we hope it helps with confidence and girl pride!"

Though the game is still in its prototype stages, the responses have been positive and filled with praise. Through partnerships, the creators plan to make the game into a reality soon. Check out the video below to discover just how "The Period Game" works.

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